Weekends and Warm Weather

Evidently, the universe thought it would be funny to give me a crappy night of sleep on the one Monday I didn’t have to wake up early, so I am posting from the mobile in the dark. Life is funny like that, right? Anyway, I’m going to gamble and publish without my computer, so that will explain any sizing anomalies away.

This weekend was super relaxing. It started with more planned than was actually accomplished and that was more restful than stressful. It was in the high 60s to low 70s all weekend, so I spent much more time outside than was probably going to be normal for the beginning of February. Definitely not complaining there. In the past week, I’ve been frequenting my new trail and ended up going a little later than usual on Saturday. I have spring fever and am overjoyed at the thought of the sun setting later. I, however, did not realize that the park gates still closed at 6, despite my excitement. My leisurely sunset stroll then morphed into a hurried 3-mile jog with a water and snack laden backpack. I made it just in time to wave at the ranger as he was closing the gate on everyone else. No idea how they got out.

I also spent the weekend sorting through clothes. More notably, I emptied my “I May Be Able to Fit in This Again Someday” box. You know, that box you fill with the clothes you cannot part with when you decide to make cheeseburgers a priority (read: my previous decade). Well, I don’t have that box anymore. Such an amazing feeling. However, a lot of it went straight to the donation pile for various reasons. Even I, the patron saint of all that is flannel, must part with outdated fashions from time to time.


Can I also mention that Mikey not only helped me chaperone the formal on Saturday night, but also bought me breakfast the next morning? What a catch!


I seriously owe him.

After breakfast yesterday, we took a trip to the mall to supplement our growing CD/record collection and to the farmers market to supplement my mania for plant gazing. As expected, they didn’t have much, except for the one stubborn herb guy that has a booth year round. Everything still had that sad dry look it gets in winter, so I refrained from any exciting purchases. But he had three-foot tall rosemary bushes that made me think twice. I must apologize next time I’m there for all the drool puddles I left yesterday.

I made a trip to the dollar store later in the evening to discover that they had started to put out the spring gardening stuff. I’m assuming once Valentine’s Day is over, they will bring out their magical 8 lb. bags of dirt FOR A DOLLAR for me to monopolize. Until then, I just got some small bags of potting soil (I’m out and I want to start my seeds). Obviously, I’m too excited to notice that I’m about a month ahead of schedule.

How was your weekend? Did you have freakishly warm weather? Are you suddenly full of spring fever?

4 thoughts on “Weekends and Warm Weather

  1. Today when I went to Walmart to get some chocolate on sale I noticed they put up Easter stuff. I was surprised! I have to check out the dollar store and pick up some bins… they always have the cutest bins and organizing stuff during spring 🙂

    I definitely have a lot items that I can’t part with… it’s funny how a piece of clothes can hold so many memories!


    • I worked in retail for over ten years, so I have the patterns indelibly etched in my head. I’m still surprised but always groan when I see bikinis in Target when it’s snowing outside. Lol!

      Have you tried a t-shirt quilt? I have one partially assembled from shirts that I couldn’t part with. It definitely helps clear up drawer space. 🙂

  2. We had warm weather as well… well, about 55-60 degrees, which is still warm for us in Feb. However, it was SO WINDY that it still felt very cold. We tried to go out and walk le puppies, but it was freezing bc of the wind and it felt like we were getting beat up by it. I can only assume the winds are blowing in a cold front which is just GREAT. I hate winter. Also, I am envious of you for living some place that can 70 degree temps in winter, and for having an actual farmer’s market, and just for not being in this hell hole. I’m so jealous you got out of this place. One day I will, too. SIGH. Enjoy the sunshine for meh.

    • Due to the pups and their low center of gravity, I can tell that it must have been crazy out there.

      We are getting the poopy weather back soon enough. I saw the number “18” in the ten day forecast and groaned. I want spring, dammit!

      And yes, not being in the tri-state has greatly increased my quality of life. You’ll be out soon!

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