In The Works: Travel in 2015


We have a lot coming up this year. But first, let me brag about my TripAdvisor stats.  Yeah, they make me feel like kind of a big deal.  I’m sure there’s some weird algorithm that makes you feel this way so you’ll post more on their site.

But it still feels nice.

Anyway, winter is kind of a travel hibernation time.  Since the photography business kind of hibernates (no one wants pictures in sub-freezing/static-y conditions), Mike and I go into planning mode.  We are already filling our calendars with shows, conventions, and far-off destinations.  The adventure section of this blog is going to get busy.  Here’s our tentative calendar for the year:

February 18: Lucero Show I have an undying love for this band.  This isn’t business, it’s pleasure. 
March 13-5: Raleigh ComicConSean Astin? Ian Somerhalder? BUD BUNDY?! I am so there.
March 27-29: Mad Monster Party – We went last year and it totally rocked. The lady that played Ursula in The Little Mermaid will be there, which makes me said that I sold my tentacles.
March 31: John Cougar Mellencamp – This is one of those gigs where I get to tag along while Mike takes pictures.  Not complaining.
May 28: Rush – See previous statement.
June 26-28: Walker StalkerConThere are three different LOST actors coming to this, along with, yannow, the whole freaking cast of The Walking Dead.  Oh, and it’s in Florida.  This is a big DUH. 
September ?: Iceland – We want to take pictures of auroras and Mikey thought Iceland would be a good place to see them.  The landscapes are also worth all the effort. Possible backup of Canada if the auroras don’t show while we are there.
Floating Date: Stargazing Cruise  – This is our vacation trip for the year, if we can fit it in.  Usually we are all business, but this would purely be for fun, which is why it doesn’t have an official date.  Gotta be flexible.

What adventures are you planning this year? Any travel advice for me in 2015?

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