Decimation and Garden Planning

Photo Jan 24, 11 11 50 AM

Decimation. That’s one word to describe my container garden right now.  I’ve come to accept that a lot of my babies are going to die or go dormant.  This is a temporary admission, as I will probably have to come to this conclusion again next winter.  I have to admit, it’s nice to have only 20 pots to cart back and forth from the porch to the living room every time it gets warm outside.  I think 60 might have been pushing it, though I probably could have counted that on MyFitnessPal.

My rosemary has been carrying me through.  It has stayed strong throughout the winter so far.  Surprisingly, the needles are still moist and springy, which is definitely a contrast from my other rosemary.  Yes, I have two rosemary plants.  Talk to me in the summer when I have seven varieties of mint overflowing into the well tended grasses of my apartment complex.

Photo Jan 24, 10 52 37 AMI miss mints.

I’ve always been a tactile and olfactory based person.  The herbs that I grow are perfect for that. Lavenders, mints, balms, lemon verbena, rosemary… Anything that I can caress a smell out of is more than worth my time.  I can’t wait to go back to the farmer’s market to fondle the goods.  I might go this weekend.  One of my favorite things about moving away has been the year-round farmer’s market.  Totally worth my time.

I think I might invest my time in more flowering plants this summer.  Still fragrant, slightly less medicinal use, but still very worth it.  The neighbor that let his dog defecate on his porch (and let it sit for a week at a time) moved, so there will be less need for the fragrant aspect, but I will still implement this plan.

Any suggestions for good fragrant flowering plants? What does your garden look like in late January?

4 thoughts on “Decimation and Garden Planning

  1. The only garden I had was munched on and thrown up by my cat. Also, I like your choice of words here, “Caress,” and “Fondle,” had me chuckling. I AM LISTENING TO LET IT GO IN JAPANESE AGAIN TO GET T. SWIFT OUT OF MY HEAD YOU JERK AMONG GENTLEMAN.

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