Looking Back: September in Hawaii

We need to plan more trips for the winter lull.  I can’t go through any social media lately without seeing something that triggers the sights and smells of our LOST2014 trip.  I think that in the dead of winter we all ended up missing the heavy, tropical atmosphere the most. Only 986 days until LOST2017!  There are also plans in the mix to go back in 2016 for the 75th Pearl Harbor Anniversary.

Winter for photography is very similar to winter gardening — it’s all hibernation and preparation.  We have to learn how to grow into the winter, in regards to travel.

Here are some pictures that Mikey took that he shared with me for the first time yesterday:

DSC_2475 DSC_2477 DSC_3208 DSC_2478


What are your favorite winter destinations? What vacation do you miss the most?

4 thoughts on “Looking Back: September in Hawaii

  1. UM UM UM UM UM UM UM These are GORGEOUS photos. This is the first time I’ve seen his photography I think. WOW. AND WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN TO HAWAII?!!!!
    Okay, going to look through your LOST post. DON’T MIND MEEEEEE.

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