Living My Nightmares

If you know anything about me, you’d know that math is my worst subject.  That one required math class in college — Algebra 101? Yeah, I passed that with a C. And when I was in high school?  Well, I had frequent nightmares about going to class and being unprepared for math tests.

This week, I’m teaching a math class that has had a sub for over a week.  One of the vice principals called me last week and asked if I would take it.  I now realize that it’s because no one else would. They haven’t learned anything in the time that their regular teacher has been gone, and they need a refresher on the stuff they slightly remember.  In short, none of the stuff they are supposed to be learning is sticking. It looks like a foreign language to them (a totally familiar feeling for me).  Since I am beyond under qualified to be near a math class… Well, let’s just say that there’s a problem in the system when they can’t get anyone near intelligent in math to sub a class.  It’s really sad, actually.  We are stagnant here.  It’s just like those dreams I used to have where I come ill-prepared to class, except it is real and I can’t escape it by waking up.

I gleaned these notes from the internet.  The kids helped me explain it. Ha!

Photo Jan 22, 8 18 39 AM

I met the new teacher for the class this morning and told him the situation.  Thankfully, he’s pretty understanding, eager to get out of his lateral entry program, and ready to jump into the classroom.  The kids need his enthusiasm. As for me, I am never accepting a math job again.


(I promise a happy post soon<3)

6 thoughts on “Living My Nightmares

  1. At one point in time I was really good at math. I loved my math classes and couldn’t wait to get home from school or college classes to work on math. All these years later, I’ve forgotten literally everything I’ve learned. I can barely add 13+56 in my head now. Sad. I feel for you. I’d probably crap myself if I were asked to teach math now.

  2. Thanks for sharing about this, Meghan. Until I started working in the school systems, I never realized how underresourced they are. I’m aghast at so many of my acquaintances who rock at math and science who never even considered being teachers. It’s insulting, really. Sigh. Sending you high fives and solidarity!

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