Currently In Love With… (2)

This is a series I started based on three things that I am endlessly obsessed with — following the theme of my blog: Creations, Growing Things, and Adventures. If you’d like to read the first post, that’s here. Enjoy!


Remember those tentacles I made for Halloween? They just happen to be my first sale on Etsy ever.  I plan on sticking a lot more in the shop soon, once I manage some more crafts.  Until then, I will bask in the glory of this sale.  It went to a modeling agency in Florida for who knows what reason, but I was glad to accept some cash for this — I put some intense work into it.IMG_5432I also think that being creative can stem into organization.  I’m pretty anal about my possessions having specific homes.  Everything has to have a place, which is the kind of manifesto that I am sure will be obliterated once I manage to marry someone and have kids.  Yes, I am preparing myself for that possible eventuality.  Until then, I will revel in the fact that I have tiny, specific assigned plastic tubs for each category of Christmas decoration.  I’m not proud and I am probably one label maker away from insanity, but isn’t that pretty?


Growing Things:

It’s slow because it’s winter.  I have been tossing around the idea of building a cold frame for veggies, etc. next year, but that will be a large investment and a possibly unapproved activity in the eyes of my rental company. But I already have plans to buy out all of the local dollar stores when they get their spring dirt supply.  Um, 8 lbs for a dollar? OKAY.

Until then, I’ve been chasing the sun across the floor with my remaining plants.



I’m still on the weight loss adventure, which is progressing slowly after Christmas, but still in progress nonetheless. Milestones include being able to curl up in my favorite recliner comfortably (without feeling like I’ve been crammed into a suitcase), hovering around the 160-162 area, and continuing to not be able to fit into any of my clothes.  Granted, this time last year I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes because I was bursting out of them.  This year, I’m positively swimming in them.  I’m also too small for my size 10 jeans, meaning I’ve lost a total of 6 pants sizes since last year.  Dayum.  I know it’s lame, but this is seriously my best adventure right now.  More in March for my next health update.


Continuing on the intangible adventure theme, I’m also outlining a possible extended word project.  I will not call it a book, because the implications of that are so intense that I can’t fathom that kind of idea without wetting my pants and hiding said project to keep it from intimidating me. But I worked on a rough outline at school today.  Bits and pieces, people. It’s pretty cathartic when the implication thing isn’t looming.


What are you loving right now?

5 thoughts on “Currently In Love With… (2)

    Also, you should get a job being the person who writes quirky/funny things on shipments to whoever receives them. You’d be good at that. Haha.

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