15 Festive Favorites


Yes, I’ve posted twice in one day.  INSANITY.  I’m obviously way behind on everything — the holidays, finals, birthdays, and working tend to do that, as I’m sure you all can associate. Here’s a picture of Pusheen.  Because Pusheen.

I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers (and real life friends), Jenny from Mish Mosh Makeup, to talk about some of my festive favorites! Check out Jenny’s page- she has some really great, real-life reviews on makeup and some very helpful tutorials.  She got me to experiment with cat eyes.  Guys, I hardly ever go past mascara and eye shadow.  She’s the real deal.

Here are my 15 Festive Favorites:

Favorite Festive Food: Anything gingerbread ever. Or mulled apple cider.

Favorite Reindeer: I don’t think I have one.

Favorite Day of Christmas: I’ve always liked the 23rd. Everyone is really hyped up, but there’s no real obligation to perform. Lol.

Favorite Christmas Song: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Favorite Present: Anything Mike get’s me. He is an amazing gift giver, because he stows away information all year and then surprises you out of nowhere. It’s insane how good he is. For instance, for my birthday, he got me a new cold weather grade camping sleeping bag. THE GUY KNOWS ME.

Favorite Festive Film: Harry Potter counts, right?

Favorite Cracker Toy: I always enjoyed when my grandmother did Jack Horner’s Christmas Pie, which was her random Irish/Canadian iteration of the UK’s cracker tradition. We always got the coolest dollar store gifts from this, though.

Favorite Cracker Joke: The chaos of opening the “Christmas Pie” was always good for a laugh.

Favorite Christmas Decoration: I got some cute stuffed woodland creatures last year that I am pretty sure I will keep forever. Also, anything with cranberries on it.

Favorite Christmas Candle Scent: See Favorite Festive Food.

Favorite Christmas TV Ad: I kind of hate them all right now.  For some reason, they all make me cry.  Not in a bad way, but there’s a serious amount of estrogen involved and current marketers know how to appeal to that. Jerks.

Favorite Festive TraditionSo many!  Mikey and I have started a few that I really love.  We go and pick a real tree together and decorate it while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  We also take an evening out to go look for the best Christmas tree lights — and we sip hot chocolate while we do that. My sister and I always divide up the colored candy canes to put on the tree.  And I have always loved the accidental tradition of looking for presents Mom has hidden and forgotten about after Christmas morning.  I never realized we had so many traditions!

Favorite Christmas Fact: The fact that Mom always loses a present and it has become a tradition to try to find them.

Favorite Snowman Accessory: Somehow, I always add an anatomically correct accessory to snowmen.  Not sorry.

Now we’ve approached the time when I am supposed tag people, but I think that I will leave it to whoever sees this to just answer a few of these in the comments (Read: I’m lazy). Go for it!

7 thoughts on “15 Festive Favorites

    • Jenny is pretty much the bomb. I got the privilege to work with her at Borders — still the best job/coworker situation I’ve ever had.

      Thank you for validating my Harry Potter obsession. Do you rewatch at Christmas, too?

  1. “Because Pusheen.” Sound logic, there hahaha. I LOVE PUSHEEN THOUGH. Your posts never cease to make me laugh.

    I like myself some mulled apple cider, too, though I haven’t had any yet this season. ALSO- this reminds me I need to force Andy to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, because HE HAS NEVER SEEN IT AND IT MAKES MY HEART HURT.

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