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This week has drained me, I won’t lie.  My birthday was yesterday and I have to say it wasn’t that nice until about 4 p.m.  More on that later, but I will elaborate enough to say the stain on my leg is coffee, not pee. Last night at dinner, everyone just kind of sat there, alternately swigging drinks and holding their heads in their hands.  I think everyone has been sapped by this week.  It’s less than two weeks until Christmas and everyone is just now realizing it.  I’m pretty sure that’s why I’ve covered almost all of my planning periods this week, because this urgent feeling has caused all the teachers at my school to fake sick.

So, here’s to the weekend and all the lovely things that go with this kind of freedom.  May you not stress or think too hard about anything.  I plan on playing video games and not thinking about looking for jobs or finding presents or anything about money. Here are some links to carry you through until Monday:

-On enjoying your favorite things every day.

-As far as gift guides go, this is the best traveler’s gift list that I’ve seen this month.

-Where can you sign me up? All I need now is a cat.

-Bridget Anne’s series on simplifying her closet.  As a person who pretty much wears the same things every week, she takes the habit and makes it stylish.  More posts here and here.

How to photograph stars. I’ve been wondering about the settings for this forever.

I associate so hard with this: “Accepting where I am right now without even knowing what I want, appears to be a necessary, if somewhat annoying step.”

What are you doing this weekend? 

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links

  1. Meghannnnn!!! I hope you have a great weekend full of laziness and video games. What are you and Mikey playing together? The last game Andy and I played together was Borderlands 2 a few months ago- we haven’t seen any games that looked appealing since. SUGGESTIONS?

    This weekend I am going to see the Nutcracker play, so that is the only time I plan on actually getting dressed until Monday. BTW- I didn’t say happy birthday to you on facebook, but I shall say it on your bloggy- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday).

    • Mikey and I are playing Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed together. I’m mostly playing AC and he’s mostly in charge of FC, but we switch around. I definitely recommend BOTH. We only played part of Borderlands 2, but got distracted.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, even if I’m a humbug. 🙂

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