Currently In Love With…

This is a new series I am starting based on three that I am currently obsessed with — following the theme of my blog: Creations, Growing Things, and Adventures. Enjoy!


Photo Dec 10, 9 22 17 AM
I seriously can’t stop baking.  It’s pretty much all I want to do when it gets colder outside.  There’s nothing better than eating batter beside something that radiates heat and smells delicious.

Growing Things:


I know I already mentioned the magic of being able to leave my plants outside overnight recently.  However, unless you’ve lived in cold climates or in the mountains, you don’t quite understand what a huge deal this is.  I CAN LEAVE MY PLANTS OUTSIDE AT NIGHT IN DECEMBER AND THEY DON’T DIE! My mom is super jealous, since she hasn’t really been able to do this since early October. Being forced to actively repot in the winter due to new growth and having fresh strawberries in December is a dream come true.  I’m currently shopping for a small lemon tree I can grow indoors, I’m that excited.


Our most current adventure entailed getting our Christmas tree.  Yes, I realize that is only a mile away, but we are pretty sentimental when it comes to the acquisition of sacrificial conifers. We picked the perfect tree, he named it Jimmy Stewart, and we took it home in my blissfully pine-scented hatchback.  Then we decorated and drank hot chocolate. Perfection.

What are you loving right now?

4 thoughts on “Currently In Love With…

  1. I’m currently in love with:
    1. Eleanor & Park, which I’m 17% through and totally wowed that it’s not at all what I expected (yeah, not light YA *at all*)
    2. gingersnap cookies
    3. that video of Michael Cera and Jim Parsons and Emma Thompson playing a game together on Fallon
    4. Bath and Body Works’ Winter Candy Apple candle. Bliss in a jar, that thing.

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