This Weekend in Pictures

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1. I found these at my local used book store on Friday when I brought in four of the dozen boxes full of books that Mom gave me to sell.  How much for first edition paperbacks? $4.  I was sold.  I need to find a clever way to display these.  In the mean time, the four boxes of books didn’t yield much, so I need to find somewhere to donate the rest.  I’ll be hitting libraries soon.

2. This was a giant swarm of seagulls that tend to congregate in the meadow behind the Holly Springs Walmart.  Presumably for the deals.

3. It’s been warm enough to keep the babies (plant lady speak for plants) outside over night — for pretty much all week. It’s also rained almost every day. They’ve loved it. Oddly, I have four strawberries growing.  That’s the magic of the south, I guess.  I’ve had to repot the aloe, but it still needs a bigger pot.  I’ve never had one survive this long, let alone get top heavy enough for me to worry about it. Maybe I’ll find someone who buys cat litter in bulk and steal the container from that.

4. I saw these at Walmart yesterday, while my friends and I were shopping for Ugly Sweater Party food. They smelled so amazingly good.  I already can’t wait for the spring when the lovely things can hit their growing stride.  I really want to focus more on plants that make smells in 2015.

5. This was mid-shopping mischief: Amber has aggressively scratched through the list and got pen markings all over Kurstan’s wallet.  Panic and face wipes ensued.

6. This was my mighty cup of booze.  I only had one mimosa, but it was worth it.  Last night’s party has been the highlight of my struggles with eating this year.  I was sitting right next to the table of food and went about 300 calories over my limit for the night (not soooo bad, for a cheat day) and had to physically remove myself from the situation before I ate a week’s worth of calories in one night.  Finger foods are my ultimate downfall — I gained a lot of weight when I worked for the WV legislature because they had get-togethers almost every night and booths in the main capitol during lunch.  AND ALL OF IT WAS FREE.  My goodness.  I think I gained ten pounds that semester.  None of my work clothes fit by the end of the term.  Anyway, finger foods are awful for me to be around.  We eventually moved out into the garage and all was well.

What did you do this weekend? Garden-minded individuals, are you already lusting for spring? What plants do you have planned for 2015?

4 thoughts on “This Weekend in Pictures

  1. I love used book stores! If I had more free time, or like, three-hour long lunch hours, I would spend it all at used book stores. What are some other series you think you might want to collect? I’ve been buying 80’s editions of Madeleine L’Engle’s books.

    • AWESOME! We should all have three-hour lunch breaks for what we will call “soul enrichment.” I’ve been collecting a quite few pulp scifi/fantasy books from the 60’s and 70’s. Mostly fantasy, actually. So many good stories! I loved L’Engle, I may have to start my own collection. 🙂

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