Some Thoughts on Hosting

We didn’t host Thanksgiving this year.  That’s pretty normal, as I have never hosted it… ever.  But this was the first year that I wanted to host it, for several reasons.

1. Blog friends throwing up some ridiculously good looking photos.  Wow. You all are amazing.
2. I started cooking random dishes on Wednesday night and once I finished, I really wanted to keep going.  I was Betty Crocker incarnate and it is a shame that was wasted.
3. Right now, more than anything, I am craving leftovers.

I know hosting such a big hullabaloo is by no means easy, and that those of you that hosted this year are probably beyond exhausted.  But I think next year I’ll be taking initiative and giving the rest of my friends a break.

Did you host Thanksgiving this year?  Any tips? Are you suffering from a post-Thanksgiving/Black Friday hangover?

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Hosting

  1. Woman! Have friends bring 1 dish each to help take the stress off next time around. They will more than likely offer to let you keep whatever leftovers there are (YASSSS!).

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