Weekly Wishes Link Up

The Nectar Collective
The best part about blogging is connecting with like-minded people. In my case, people who are of the “getting shit done” mentality. When I saw this post on The Nectar Collective, I immediately jumped on the idea. The point of this link up is to share your weekly goals with a community that will keep you accountable. I kind of need that in my life right now. I have a metric shit ton of goals related to better blogging, getting a new job, and crafting a million things. Since I have so many goals, it’s easy to break them up into chewable pieces each week and have an automatic cheering section.


Produce one thing for Etsy shop. I’m deeply embroiled in Christmas present manufacturing.  This weekend, I made two different scarves.  As a semi-beginner, this made me pretty proud of myself.  As I am wrapping up these gifts, I figure I can put at least one towards the shop this week with no problem.  They are seriously looking awesome now that I have the knack of it.

– Job Applications. I need to send out at least five serious job applications this week.  No excuses.

– Homework.  I have two drafts that I have to turn in by next Monday.  That’s pretty non-negotiable.

– Use my actual camera for 75% of blog content. I’ve been working on making things prettier around here (no more dark and dreary background!). That includes pictures. My iPhone does the job, just not as well as my Nikon.  Time to incorporate that kind of magic more often.
What do you want to accomplish this week? Link up with us!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes Link Up

  1. Oooh an Etsy shop, that’s awesome. I’d love to see your scarves once you put them on there! I wish I could knit, making my own scarf sounds like such a cool thing to do. 😛 Good luck with filling out those job applications! I use my iPhone for a lot of my blog photos but my Nikon does a much better job. Glad you’re a Nikon girl too 😉


    • It’s really easy to learn. I’d recommend going to a local yarn store for a class (it really one takes one or two to learn basics) or ask a friend. It’s better to learn in person, rather than through a vid. It’s easier for them to interact that way. I’m someone who learns better by watching/feeling, so you may be able to visually tackle it. 🙂

      Nikon forever! Which one do you have? I have a D5300 and mostly use a 70-200 (though I have my eye on some prime lenses…). Pretty much suits most of my camera needs. 🙂

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