Allergies, Disc Golf, and the Occasional Wild Animal

I’m finally over whatever cold I had.  I’ve noticed now that if I don’t sleep with a cat on my face, my seasonal colds don’t turn into sinus infections followed by bronchitis.  It’s nice, but I sure do miss my furry man.  Mikey and I have been throwing the idea to get a cat back and forth a bit, but I am still on the fence about it.  I just don’t think we are home enough.

I really wanted to adopt Gary, my new neighbor snake. But since he is randomly showing himself in November in slightly frigid temperatures, we are thinking that he’s come outside to try to die.  Part of me wants to scoop him up, keep him inside, and feed him nothing but the most delicious bugs, but I have to let nature take its course. It’s very hard to do this — he’s so small and precious. 😦



This weekend was defined my disc golf.  Mikey found out he really loves it, so we go to a local park and play on weekends.  Then we go home and play on the PS3.  I enjoy it a lot more now that I found out how to properly throw the disc.  Before, I was averaging three throws to every one throw he had.  This first picture was before I figured out how to throw things.  Thankfully, his advice of “just throw the shit out of it” worked. Now we are about evenly matched.  It makes the games more fun that way.  The last picture was his indignation at my convenient placement of disc.  He’s pretty marvelous at expressing his feelings.

Photo Nov 08, 10 08 24 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 11 45 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 47 27 AM

Today, I have the class that I subbed for in the first three weeks of school.  It’s so nice to know everyone and have my quiet classroom back together.  I am sorely tempted to write a note for one of them to go get me a coffee at a local restaurant.  The one I got at the gas station this morning tasted like bathwater and I am in need of a fix.  Thankfully, I finished my homework last night, so I don’t have that to contend with.

How was your weekend? What do you like to do to stay active in colder weather?

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