Recap: The Working-est Week

I’ve worked every day this week.  Usually, I just show up at school and show a movie.  Not this week.

Photo Nov 07, 8 29 36 AM

I was in the library for the first half of the week.  On a regular day, this job is manageable. Instead, I ended up putting out fires left and right, all while another sub, with the most ridiculous work ethic in the world, stared holes into the back of my head to make sure I wasn’t slacking off.  Seriously, in her down time, she stared at the program that monitors the students’ computers to make sure they did not minutely stray from their assignments.  This is not how the library is usually run.  She made their lives quite miserable.  There is productivity, and then there is this woman and her regime of insane, anal monitoring. I always felt a real weight lift when I left — she put me on edge in a real, physical way.  I had to keep reminding myself to stop clenching my teeth.

For the second half of the week, I’ve been in a math class. Math is not my strongest subject. AT ALL.  My friend, Natalie, used to create long division problems just to watch me fail at working them out. It’s a problem.  Anyway, since it’s Common Core Math, I’ve been pretty lost.  Thankfully, the teacher left answer sheets for everything.

Photo Nov 07, 7 09 54 AM

On top of all of this, I’ve been sick.  I’m finally better today, but I was noticeably ill on Wednesday.  After lots of hydration and Robitussin, I’m on the mend.  Foolishly, I told another sub (in a long-term position that I rejected) that I could take over most of the grading.  I found out that she had stayed up until midnight grading one night.  I figured that we should disperse the work among us, since we definitely are NOT paid enough for that junk.  It’s been fun to be able to grade things again, but it drives home the idea that I cannot be a teacher for a living.  It invades your personal life and defines you.  I’d like to leave work at work.  It’s a good policy for my personal mental/physical health.

Photo Nov 06, 8 46 40 AM

All in all, I’ve not had a whole lot of time to update or see how the interwebs have been in my absence.  It’s been crazy to not spend most of my time browsing blogs, but it’s made the week go a little faster.  I definitely miss hearing how all of you are doing, though. Thankfully, I am staring down the weekend and am about to make it my bitch. Ha!

How was your week? Anything cool happening for the weekend?

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