Busch Gardens – Oct. 18

These two pictures were within the first twenty minutes of driving on Friday.  No joke.



We spent Friday afternoon driving and attempting to get a table at a local Mexican restaurant with Traci’s dad.  It was William and Mary’s homecoming.  Oops.  The next morning, we were ready to take on Busch Gardens. They made fun of me until we got to the park and EVERYONE was wearing a fanny pack. Mhmmm.


It’s nice to have our friends around, because boyfriend and I never get pictures of ourselves.  We are always the ones taking the pictures.



Clockwise from left: Mikey, Me, Traci, John, Paulette, Tony.


Last year was crazy crowded because we got there late.  It wasn’t so bad that day. I *thought*  I had mustered up enough courage to get on the Loch Ness ride, but it was a no go.  Instead, boyfriend and I walked around the Scotland area and enjoyed the weather.  Unusually balmy for mid-October.  Last year it was overcast and freezing.




Since I am not so great at rides, the Jack Hanna section is one of my favorites.  I love love love the wolves and I even touched a very large snake. Tony, the guy who probably tops 6’5/is huge in every aspect of life/should be afraid of nothing stood on top of a large boulder for the snake part. I guess we all have our thing.



Here is a sculpture of my boyfriend.


Between roller coasters, we stopped for food in pretty much every section.  My favorite were the ribs in the French Canadian territory.


The pirate section is also pretty cool.




Once 6 p.m. rolls around in the park, Howl-O-Scream starts.  That’s most of the reason why we love going.  Everyone else enjoys riding the rides at night and I enjoy just walking around.  However, I have a stamp on my forehead that exclaims, “GET ME” to every single ghoul and pirate I walk by.  I don’t know how much dork I exude, but I was very frequently attacked by chainsaw wielding crazies and other paranormal freaks.  It was terrifying (awesomely fun). Honestly, the 6 – 11 p.m. portion my be my favorite. I wish I’d had my DSLR and it’s flash for this portion, but I probably would have dropped it.

Oh, and this is a picture of my future backyard at night.


My next post will talk about waking up that Sunday for Colonial Williamsburg, theme park to the nerds, and how I couldn’t stop squeaking with joy.

Have you ever been to Busch Gardens? What are you afraid of? Are you mercilessly chased after 6 p.m. by paid actors?

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