I haven’t been posting much this week because my mom has been in town. We’ve stayed pretty busy.  We spent the obligatory amount of time/money at the farmer’s market on Tuesday.  I may or may not have gotten three new plants.  So much for scaling down for the fall.

We also had to take Jessie, my mom’s dog, to the vet.  Jess is essentially my little sister, so whenever anything happens to her, Mom gets pretty worried.  Thankfully, my friend Traci has been in Raleigh for a while and can recommend some awesome doctors. This vet was no different.  I’m definitely taking future cats there. In case you’re wondering, Jess is fine now, though she still hates cameras.


The boyfriend has been coming to hang out for dinner and movie nights.  It’s been a lot of fun — Mom can definitely hang. I am not spending every single night with him like usual, so I do miss him. Absence makes the blah blah blah, after all.


So, I decided to take several days off of work.  I’m essentially not scheduling any more days until she leaves.  I have to admit, it’s like balm to the soul.  We’ve had a few heart to hearts about jobs and life in general.  I needed this time. Between this and all of the traveling I have been doing, I bet you guys wonder how I even hold down a job.

Note: Look how huge I look compared to Mom.  This is not a special angle.  I am that huge, she is that tiny.





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