Picture Post: Umstead Park

Last weekend, we did a family photo shoot at William B. Umstead State Park. I’m thinking about going there for hikes in the future, as they have plenty of longer trails just a few miles from my house.  Why haven’t I been before now?!

Here are some photos that I took that didn’t have people in them:









Happy trails!


Have you discovered anything new in your town lately? What is the coolest thing you can do close to your home?

4 thoughts on “Picture Post: Umstead Park

  1. The fourth photo looks awesome with the puffy clouds reflected perfectly in the still water! Coolest thing close to home is this awesome free botanical garden that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Have you seen/read TFIOS and know the concept of the Last Good Day? It’s actually warm here today in the Midwest, and I keep wondering if it’s the weather’s Last Good Day.

    • I may be the only person left in our country that hasn’t read that. It’s on my list, I just haven gotten to it yet. 😦 I promise I’ll get there soon.

      With that said, my job requires me to hang out with teenagers all day, so I know of the concept. Here in North Carolina, we are totally in the last few weeks of Last Good Days. Have you seen yours yet?

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