Dying Off


“I figured it was time for a garden update. I just came back from Hawaii to find this:”

I started a draft of this post on the day that I left assuming I would come home to nothing but skeletons of the plants I once loved. Instead, I came back to overgrowth,tangled branches, and leaves spindling wildly over my tupperware-inspired last ditch effort to ensure their survival.  Yep, an hour before I left, I put them all in large plastic tubs submerged in 3-inch deep water.

Evidently, that was the best thing I could have done for them, and thankfully I didn’t have a frog infestation on my hands. Only one of my plants died, an effort at rooting basil that was probably doomed from the start, and it was inside the whole time. A huge contributing factor to my success was the weather.  It stayed in the high 70’s and rained half the time I was gone. My plants are on a covered porch, but it still helped to have a moist atmosphere.image

I know their mortal clocks are ticking, though.

Dying off is a natural part of plant life. Many species die off every winter and come back just as strong as they had been in the spring. Dormancy helps usher seedlings into new trees. Bears freaking hibernate. It’s the way of things and definitely a common sight with the new fall season upon us.

That doesn’t mean I can’t mourn the loss. I love the smells of a humid summer day in my garden, even if my body will never be used to the heat. I just have to remember that spring will come and things will grow again.

If you garden, do you get separation anxiety when harvest passes? Do you have a winter garden?

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