Hawaii and Some Thoughts on Being LOST

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Where to begin? Nine days of awesome is a lot to cram into one blog post, but I feel like splitting it into sections would be contrite.

LOST was the whole reason for this trip and our decision to go was made on a whim. That’s why when things came together to easily, the whole trip kind of seems surreal in retrospect. We got a deal on a convertible rental and ended up driving into Honolulu with a rainbow for a backdrop, for instance.  If that isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is.  In fact, 50% of our days there involved rainbows. It makes their license plate make so much more sense.

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The surreal factor to almost everything we did really went along with the whole theme of the show. Over the course of the week, we went to over 80 different LOST related locations (some twice) to take pictures.  We spent several hours hiking up mountains or sitting by water holes. We could almost always recognize what scenes had been filmed in certain places, and from what angle.  From what we experienced (bruises, sunburns, mosquitos, thirst, exhaustion, etc), we gained a lot of respect for the actors and crew. We also marveled at the creativity involved in morphing two city blocks into several cities in several countries.

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Near the end of the week, the fan gathering aspect of the trip started to pick up speed.  There was an initial meeting of around 40 LOSTies at O’Tooles, a pub where several scenes were filmed.  Everyone was instantly friends. We all had some common interest, after all.

Over the next three days, people went on tours, attended the Q&A, had a costume party, and generally got their geek on. I thought *I* was obsessed.  No. There are people who know every line, who made insanely intricate costumes about references to the show that were barely mentioned. The best part about the whole thing was that no one tried to out-geek anyone else.  I was surprised.  Usually when 300 people get together, there’s at least one bad apple.  This was definitely not the case.

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The whole event was held by a charity called Cancer Gets LOST and they had a silent auction for hundreds of items from the show. So far, they’ve raised an estimated $77,000+ for the American Cancer Society.  That’s nothing to sneeze at. Here’s one of the items (I think it went for $1000):

unnamed (1)

My takeaway from all of this are the memories of all of the wonderful, generous people that all love LOST.  Sure, the sights were breathtaking and that’s the first crater I’ve ever hiked, but these relationships are going to last a lifetime.  The people are what make a show like LOST something more than it was when it started.

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