Since I am gone for a week and some change, I needed to find a way to keep my plants watered.  You’d think, ‘oh, why doesn’t she just ask a friend or neighbor to water them while she’s gone?’

Have you seen my garden? It’s kind of intimidatingly huge.  There were over 60 potted plants at one point. Everyone I’ve asked has given me looks of polite reticence.

And, if a person knows anything about me, they know that I love the shit out of my garden. I can only imagine what people might think I would do to them if they killed my babies.

People.  It’s not that scary.  Promise.

After so many rejections, I just stopped asking people (read: don’t be offended if I didn’t ask you). So, I devised a way to kind of self water them while I am gone.  It’s not hard.

I essentially stuck my plants in giant tubs of water.  Note the friend that got smuggled inside. Hopefully it will work out.  It’s not supposed to get over 85 (with an average in the high 70s) in the next week, which is pretty darn temperate for Raleigh. Hopefully it works out.  Honestly, as long as my rosemary lives, I’ll be okay.

How do you keep your plants alive when you are on vacation? 



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