Next Semester’s Expenditures


In the same vein as the last post, I’m also planning where my money will go next semester:

– New plants. I’m pretty sure leaving them in tubs full of water for nine days will not completely ensure the survival of the horde. And I need to buy out the supply of the dollar store’s dirt. Note that plants are my first priority.

– New computer. Sad but true. I’m going to go with another MacBook Pro and hope I can still get away with additions (space, RAM, etc). Mine’s five years old and that’s usually the useful life span of a computer that you can add things to — a trait that Macs sadly lack now. They are in the bad habit of making things without screws now or soldering motherboards to RAM cards. Jerks. Mine is struggling and I do too many useful things with it now (it’s not just an internet machine anymore). I’m afraid death throes aren’t far off. See how I legitimize this purchase. I see buyers remorse in my future.

– Seriously work on paying off my credit cards. Holy poo. I was careless in my early college years and still owe a bit. One of them is closed so it is only functioning as a virtual money pit. Kinda like saying, “This is the tax you pay because you were foolish and had a severe Starbucks addiction when you were 21.” I did actually need the money at the time, but this is a good lesson on interest and payments. Ugh.

– Domain and et ceteras. It is time to get serious about a business. I’d like to start manufacturing essential oils and loose herbs, etc. The man of the house made a point to mention that I’d be happier doing that and working part time, instead of the standard 9-5 mess. I couldn’t help but agree. More on that in another post.

– Savings. Because I am an adult now.

– Travel funds. I’ve started a bank account specifically for travel (and Christmas). This will keep me more organized and give me something to look forward to during the year. I also tend to over budget on trips, so this will keep me on track.

Here’s to 2015!


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