Planning to Be Better

My college career, in both undergrad and postgrad, I followed a very specific schedule of procrastination. It usually involved me staying up all night on a caffeine bender rushing to get things finished before deadline, then turning it in, but not staying for class. That was more prevalent in undergrad, but writing my thesis was pretty much ‘coffee, tears, pee, repeat’ in a 72-hour period.

Now that I am attempting to be a grown ass adult (and the fact that I just can’t hang — I was not designed for all-nighters), I’m exploring this new thing called ‘organization’.

Like I explained in this post (plane to Hawaii post), this experiment is making my life so much easier. Suddenly, I am finishing things early and it’s giving me a lot more time for things that I enjoy. And I am making it to work on time, which is a new thing for me. Hopefully I can keep all of this up.

Has everyone else been procrastinating with me or am I late to the game?


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