One Flight Down

We left for Hawaii this morning. At first, nothing seemed to be going our way. The taxi was late, I forgot to take off my shoes at the TSA checkpoint, we didn’t have time to grab breakfast and I lost one of my ear buffers.


However (big however), did I mention that we are going to Hawaii? Nothing can really go wrong for me at this point. This is the most chilled out I have been for an airport experience for pretty much ever. Usually, I’m barking at Mikey about toiletries or hurrying us through to the gate. But this time is so different from my other two trips this year.

I think there are several factors at play regarding my chillaxitude (yes, I just made that happen). This trip doesn’t involve me meeting people that I am required to spend several days with/ sleep in their houses. There’s a certain amount of work involved in making friends enough with somebody to stay at their house within the first few hours of meeting them. It’s not off-putting, just stressful. There’s a lot of weird social etiquette (how much is their cat going to allow me to love them?, can I eat the whole contents of someone’s fridge?, when can I start comfortably pooping?, etc.) to adhere to in situations where you are both kinda friends and more so being employed by someone to take pictures of the most important day of their life so far. Lots of pressure.

Another reason why I’m super relaxed is because we are pretty organized this trip. Sure, the taxi was late, but I allowed time for that (and the extremely benevolent TSA lady let us take the short line for crew). And we have allowed for a lot of time to ourselves this trip. Like a vacation. Weird. Sure, we have an 11-page itinerary for just the first three days of our stay, but that’s all fun Lost related stuff. We are doing a self guided tour to hit all the important filming locations. The next few days have Lost2014 related stuff, but there is still scheduled free time for me to do some yoga on the beach and enjoy myself, which is much needed after the craziness of the past few weeks of subbing for GradPoint classes. I’m finding out more and more that planning ahead of time is so much more beneficial than winging things like I am used to doing.

We also opted to leave the toiletries at home this time, which shaves off weight, worry, and time. We found a Walmart just over a mile away from our hotel and since we rented a car (another reason to relax!) it will be easy to just drive over tonight and grab all that we need. According to trip advisor, prices are comparable to the mainland, so it’s not a huge deal. We also found out that our hotel has coin operated laundry machines, so I’ll be adding travel sized detergent to our list.

Did I mention that I finished my homework yesterday and don’t have another due date until October? Again, with the planning.

So here I am — somewhere over Arkansas and smiling like an idiot, even if one of my earphones has an increased chance of rupturing my eardrum. I’m so happy that I sprang for in-flight breakfast sandwiches for the two of us. The flight attendant gave me extra coffee, too, adding to the generally awesome vibes floating around in the universe this morning.
We have a 2-hour layover at LAX, where I will post this and start sifting through pictures I’ve taken in the last few weeks. I brought my external drive to free up some space on my computer. I think that I may have to get a new one soon (I’m on mobile, don’t let my current computer see this).

Until then —

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