Randoms (+/-) and Upcoming Adventures



+ My partner in crime has been working really hard to get us completely awesome camera equipment for our upcoming events. This guy knows how to find a great deal.  We had one day where we spent $600 for a camera, a lens, and a bag worth over $1000. All from separate places.  I want to take him to yard sales.  He’s a genius.

– Since I don’t have enough computers in my room, I keep having to send students up to the media center. Today, I had to send four of ten (two of which were brand new to class and had no idea what was going on) up there.  I spent all of second period running up and down the stairs trying to get everyone settled.  Thank goodness I have little angels during that class and they didn’t trip me or break things after I left. But really, this is a computer-based class.  Get with it, school!

+ I burned around 300 calories running back and forth. Bonus!

+ Thankfully, I totally made up for the lack of productivity in second period during third.  I drove home, re-installed the fire alarm that was going off last night, figured out a self-watering system for the plants when I leave for Hawaii (storage tubs full of water!), grabbed items I need to return, threw the towels in the dryer, ordered a dress online (discounted Modcloth!), grabbed the mail, and got a salad at Kroger.

– I’ve not gotten to eat the salad yet.

+ People at this school are starting to act like I am a permanent fixture here.  NICE!

– It’s getting to the point in the season that I realize some of my plants are about to go dormant.  BOO!

– Had to cancel a camping trip because I forgot I registered for The Color Run in Oct. Looks like no more camping for me this year.

+ We still get to go to the activity scheduled for that Sunday — Touring the Land of OZ theme park in western NC.  I am ridiculously excited about this. It’s an abandoned theme park that opens a few times a year to host visits.  We are going for the creepy factor!

+ On Oct. 18th, we are going with a group to Howl-O-Scream! Last year was particularly notorious for me running from a pirate, while my friends fed him my name and address, and knocking over an innocent woman/her hula hoop.

Extra: I think I might beg that guy to take me to Colonial Williamsburg for my birthday. Because damn, it’s beautiful.

The pluses and minuses denote pros and cons, in case you didn’t get that right away.
** The moment I published this coincides with the moment I finished the salad.

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