On Current Fitness Habits

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I talked in one of my last posts about how I’ve gotten back into running. To be completely truthful, I’ve been working on distance jogs. Not running (let’s be real, here). More like a really sad trot. Since my sad trot is low impact, it is better on me for right now.  Eventually I will work myself into trail running again.

To recap: This time last year, I weighed 185.  No, that’s not super awful, but it was just into obesity range (BMI scale). I was having crazy pains that no one my age should be having.  For instance, every morning it took 15 minutes of walking around just to make my feet stop hurting. Once I sat down to any task over an hour long, I’d have to work into making my feet feel better once I stood up again.  That is not normal for anyone in their late 20’s.  I was also tired all the time and couldn’t really perform daily tasks with any kind of zest. While burgers and mac & cheese tasted awesome, my overall health was pretty miserably ranked.

Now: I am 12 lbs down (173) and though that’s still not where I want to be, I feel so much better already.  I can run a 9:30 minute mile without stopping and can sad trot/walk around the lake for five miles before I decide to give it a rest for the day. Nature being as hilarious as it is, I’ve not lost huge amounts of inches except for where my boobs (and my lower stomach) are concerned.  I’ve lost a band and a cup’s worth of boobs.  Why are they always the first to go?! I’ve also lost a jeans size, which is nothing to scoff at, either.

On Water, The Lake, and The Mile: I’ve been trying to drink more water, but that is the hardest thing for me to keep up with so far.  I think if I could work on that, things would be a whole lot better for me. I’ve been keeping a Nalgene full of lemon water with me when I sad trot/walk. It is literally the tastiest thing in the world ever and is kind of like weight training if I switch hands every ten minutes. It helps with staying hydrated, because it makes me want to work to keep it lighter. Ha!  I’ve been opting for the lake trail more than the treadmill lately, so I end up taking a lot of random pictures of duck butts. I always end up tiring myself out on the treadmill, so I try to limit use of it to once or twice a week.  I am an endurance sad trotter, not a sprinter.  That said, I’ve been able to shave 30 seconds off of my mile (currently 9:30), and that makes me pretty happy.

On Clothes: I kind of went on a capri buying spree once I lost a pants size. When you’re losing weight, Walmart is your friend, otherwise you’re going to be dropping a ridiculous amount of money. Since they are capris, the crickets don’t try to mate with me as I run by (something about how I haven’t shaved in a while and the sound of my thighs rubbing together attracts them). Running shorts may happen someday, but I am not a huge fan of chafing. I also got to change my Clothes That Don’t Fit You Anymore box into a Clothes That Fit You/Will Fit You Soon box. It’s seriously like going shopping and getting a ton of things you know you already like for free. A lot of blogs and sites recommend that you just let that stuff go and buy new stuff when you lose the weight again, but I get too attached to clothes. I can’t just give something I like, and could possibly wear again, away. When I was looking for a pair of leggings last weekend, the box ended up mostly on the floor, so I vowed to look through it when I came back on Monday from the wedding shoot marathon. A third of the box fit me again and it made me ridiculously happy.

In short:  I found my golden number of intake calories vs exercise in order to lose weight. Finally. Ugh. I was hovering at 176 for several months, so this is my relief post. Sorry that it was kind of all over the place.

What do you do to keep in shape? 

5 thoughts on “On Current Fitness Habits

  1. “Running shorts may happen someday, but I am not a huge fan of chafing.”

    Please get on bloglovin so I know when you update! You’re too funny.

    Keep up the good work. I used to find it so difficult to drink water, but now I drink about 10-12 cups a day… and I’m so thirsty all the time that if I didn’t sleep at all I think I’d drink 24 cups a day. I think cutting out all the soda, juice, milk, etc. and having a goal of drinking x amount of water by such-and-such time really helped. Over time my body got used to the higher amounts of water and now triggers the ‘I’M THIRSTYYYYYY’ sensor every 30 minutes.

    Downside to so much water: Lots of peeing.

    And a 9 minute mile? McSpeedy. I don’t think I’ve ever done a mile under 12 minutes, SO, that is impressive.

  2. re: running shorts — I HATE traditional running shorts with a fiery passion — the riding up! the chafing! ugh! They just don’t work for me. But I LOVE “compression” shorts (or “short tights”). I put compression in quote marks because most of the time they are not actually compressive; they’re just fitted (like capris, but shorter). I go for ones with a 7-8″ inseam so I don’t get chafing between my thighs. They’re cooler than capris and I spend less time tugging them up. My current favorite pair is Pearl Izumi’s Ultra Short Tight (called ultra not because it’s ultra short but because it’s designed for ultra long distances). Another option is running skirts/skorts — many of them have built-in compression shorts underneath, though some of them have annoyingly short inseams. They’re super cute, though, and when I first started running and didn’t have the nerve to run in straight-up spandex shorts (which is basically what compression shorts are), I liked that they covered my butt.

    Congrats on all this stuff!

    • I have one pair of said shorts that are long that I can handle, but there’s something in the way I am made that creates a perfect storm of disappearing shorts. Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely have to try running skirts. Every one I’ve seen looks super cute. 🙂

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