Still Here: Part 2

Photo Aug 21, 12 09 20 PM

Now that I am back in school, both working and as a student, I have a lot less free time to fool around like I had during the summer. Currently, I’m:

– trying to figure out the plant situation before Hawaii.  Which ones should I let die and which should I work to save? What watering method should I use while I am gone for nine days? Will the fungus completely overtake my apartment while I am gone or should I bite the bullet and leave them outside?

– embroiled in a full teaching schedule,  for once. One of the teachers at my favorite high school had surgery, so I will be covering for his super awesome classes until we go to Hawaii.  He should be back by then, but if not, I’d gladly cover his computer-based classes of less than 7 people per class for him.  I want his job.

– back in school.  Again.  I am working on my second Master’s (in library science this time) and have a full schedule there, too.  Currently, I am trying to work ahead so I don’t have to worry about leaving for two due dates (note how this post keeps going back to the fact that I AM GOING TO HAWAII IN TWO WEEKS).

– working on being a  second shooter in a photo business.  This includes, but is not limited to: shooting with a DSLR, lugging equipment, driving a lot, shooting with an instant camera, creating itineraries, organizing weddings, scrapbooking, sewing/pinning dresses in last minute situations… and this is all in the last week. Going with our theme, in Hawaii, I will also be filming interviews.

– trying to fit workouts into a busy schedule.  I had it down pretty well last week, but I feel the lag of a busy weekend on me this week.  In fact, yesterday, all I wanted to do was assume the fetal position and go to sleep at 8:45.  Since when did 8:45 feel super late? Ugh. I did not mention that I am going to Hawaii in this bullet point.  HAWAII!

I will keep everyone updated with trying to fit everything into my life as time goes on.  We had two weddings to shoot this past weekend and I only had one day off (in which I spent most of the time on the floor thinking about how tired I was…), but things won’t be quite as hectic in the coming months.  I think…

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