Update: Calendar Crisis

Remember that post when I was talking about being disorganized when it came to calendars?

I’ve gotten a bit better.  Since I’ve downloaded a CalenMob* to my iPhone to make my Google Calendar more user friendly on my iPhone, things have gotten much better.

Photo Jun 04, 8 44 18 AM

This app allows me to update my calendar across all platforms, even my pesky iProducts. From what I hear, Google and Apple don’t particularly get along sometimes, and I noticed that I was having two different accounts updating on my iPhone calendar. It wasn’t particularly affecting anything, other than the fact that at times something I entered into my iPhone wouldn’t show up when I looked for it on my laptop.  I’m sure there was some way to get my old account erased through the app if I had searched long enough, but I found that CalenMob was the easiest fix for me. I seriously took an hour trying to find the right button to push on the original calendar app .  It was a no go.

untitled 3

When I am on my laptop or a school computer, it’s easier to access Google Calendar itself. The magic of being able to color code various activities (work, school, play, etc.) made it super attractive to me.  That, and you can have a full month view or an agenda view.

untitled 1Super easy.  Since I had so much trouble getting my shit together regarding calendars, this was a huge breakthrough. It’s easier now, even though I wanted to have stuff written down on a page so badly.  I still write lists, but it mostly ends up on the app/online now. My only complaint is that there aren’t larger scrollable views of everything on the Google Calendar app.  When I am looking at my calendar, I want to be able to see the whole scope of things without having to click arrow buttons a thousand times. Maybe a three-month view would work? I don’t really have the same problem on the CalenMob app, as it’s mostly used for reference and quick information dumps, rather than for vast planning purposes. Other than that, there isn’t much I could complain about.

In short, when you find something that works for you, run with it.

*This post is not sponsored by CalenMob or Google. I just love the shit out of their apps.


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