Unintended Breaks And Purges

I took a break from blogging this past week.  Mostly due to travel — I went to West Virginia to see my family, wish a Borders friend a happy retirement on her last day at Books-A-Million, and take some maternity shots for a vastly pregnant friend.  That, of course, took us on a hike.  She may or may not be in her 9th month and may or may not have been breathing pretty hard when we got back to the top of the hill.  Oops.

I also took a break because I had a pretty hard beginning of the week. Mostly because of my own idiocy.

If you’ve been around the internet, you may have heard the term FOMO (fear of missing out). I have to admit that I am such huge a victim of this. To show you how bad I am at this, here is a look at my calendar for this month:

Photo Jun 04, 8 38 36 AM

I’ve always planned too much, put too much of myself out there, tried to be as present as possible. There are planned activities almost every day on this calendar.  How am I supposed to get any life maintenance done?

So, in the past few days, I’ve decided to scale back.

Photo Jun 04, 8 44 18 AMSo much better. That week in the middle is going to be spent at the beach.

Most of why I had such a terrible beginning to my week is because I have been getting so caught up in trying to see everyone and do everything that I am not focused or very considerate to those I care about the most. When you are carrying too much of a load, you tend to drop things. I needed to clear up my calendar to refocus and re-prioritize myself.


I spent Monday and Tuesday in my apartment, mostly sealed off from contact from the outside world.  I watched old episodes of New Girl. I cleaned, baked a cake for my friend’s birthday, and gardened. I stared at the ceiling. I thought about things.  I enjoyed myself without having to entertain anyone else’s desires. I didn’t have anywhere I had to be for the foreseeable future. It was pretty awesome.

I am now refreshed and refocused.  All you need sometimes is to realize that you are spreading yourself too thin. Once I purged, my creativity and sense of well-being came back.

And the result of all of this was a pretty awesome cake.

Photo Jun 03, 6 22 20 PM

Do you have a problem with the fear of missing out? What do you do to refocus?

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