I’m having a slight hiccup in registration at ECU.  You see, I can get in at a wayyyyyyy cheaper rate if I am considered in-state, which I qualify for.  Except it doesn’t look good that I have a WV license/car accoutrements if I am trying to apply for that status. Essentially, the whole problem here is money and how much of it I am willing to part with.

untitledThat’s enough money to make anyone want to puke, in my opinion.

Granted, I should have done all of this car-related crap when I moved, but the problem lies in the fact that I don’t actually own the car.  My parents do. So I can’t technically do all that mess.  My options are as follows:

1. Change the car ownership over to me, get my own policy, get my own everything. Become a real adult.

2. Convince parents to switch auto insurance, which is unlikely to happen since Dad is the kinda guy to stick to the same brand of deodorant since 1963. He has been with the company forever, and I am sure they give him fantastic rates because of it.

3. Apply anyway and hope they don’t care that it looks like I could fly back to WV at any moment. This involves sucking it up and paying the extra for being a technical non-resident, even though I’ll have been here for over a year by the time school starts.

The most likely scenario is that I will take over the title. Let’s add a million things to my Apply to Grad School… Again list.

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