Link Dump: Taking the Plunge

Photo May 08, 10 11 22 AM
There are a lot of projects that I have conceived in the past few months that I’ve not yet started.  This is mostly out of fear of what might happen.  Will I fail? Will I succeed? I end up wasting time in contemplation of the ‘what if’ aspect of everything.

Are you looking for that final push into your projects or goals? Here’s some inspiration:

– A favorite blog of mine, Campfire Chic, spent most of 2013 talking about being brave. This is a serious resource of posts and links on how to muster up the courage to do your thing.

– On Girl’s Gone Child this week, she posts about an award she earned and gave advice on writing: to just do it.

Nicole Antoinette talks about taking on tasks just 13 minutes at a time, since most of the problem stems from getting started. I love her, because she is great at getting to the point and after I read her blog posts, I immediately want to get up and do something amazing.

Hopefully these will inspire you like they have for me.  In the meantime, I’m not going to waste anymore time.  To the list!

How do you psyche yourself up to start projects? Any useful tips?


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