Thought Dump: Catching Up On Monday

– On Thursday, we went to see Rob Thomas at DPAC and then to see T-Bird and the Breaks immediately after. The Rob Thomas show was amazing.  It’s always nice to be reminded that someone famous can simultaneously possess a personality — that they aren’t completely burnt out. The T-Bird show didn’t have quite the turnout and ended up with three people at the last song, with the one weird guy who robot-danced the whole time begging for the most awkward encore ever.  If we had the foresight to call a bunch of people, we could have gathered the coolest private party of 2014, but we didn’t think ahead.

– I only got four hours of sleep Thursday night, but was oddly fine in the morning.  I’m figuring it was because I was in the library.  It was a pretty calm day.

– On Saturday, we went to a giant picnic full of my boyfriend’s coworkers. They gave out FREE SUNSCREEN.  Guys, if you know how allergic to the sun I am, you’ll realize how excited I was/am about this. I ended up with five tubes of it before we left. There were some awesome food trucks there (think: meatballs, pasta salad, sliders, shrimp and grits, ice cream, anything). I ate forever. All in all, the company picnic was a huge success. Afterward, we went to Durham to take pictures and fart around until we met his friend there for drinks. I discovered this amazing cider at Tyler’s Taproom — raspberry pear cider. Holy crap.  There are no words.
Photo May 03, 6 42 57 PM

Photo May 03, 6 11 10 PM

Photo May 04, 9 39 51 PM– I went to my friend Amber’s house yesterday, ostensibly to garden with her.  However, I ended up helping drop a large wooden plank on her foot, resulting in me doing most of the end part of the planting while she watched and iced. Boo on that.  We did get to weed quite a bit, and I discovered some dog fennel (not to be confused with regular ‘you can eat this’ fennel) and poison ivy in their yard.  And ants.  Lots of ants.  I have a giant bite on my wrist from one of the buggers.  I left with a profound sense of accomplishment, some plants they didn’t want, and lots of    jealousy.  I want my own yard to make magical. *dreams

Photo May 04, 5 43 27 PM– I did a million things at work today. I shelved 200ish books and movies, updated all the iPads, and did all the regular crazy duties being a library sub entails. In short, it was a lovely day of doing exactly what I want to be doing.  I’m intermittently walking around and saying goodbye to the library until fall, because I’m sure they won’t take another day off and the end of the year is approaching quickly.Photo May 05, 3 55 02 PM

– Tonight we are meeting the same friend at Tyler’s Taproom again.  I have my eye on more cider and a Mediterranean hummus plate, and then the plan is that we will  be playing some pool. It was super crowded last time, so I am not getting my hopes up. Tomorrow, we might have dinner with Amber and Ken and I have more museum madness planned for Saturday.

How was your weekend? What is one awesome thing you are going to do with your week?

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