Yard Foraging: Plantain

Photo Apr 09, 12 05 36 PM (2)

Like dandelion leaves, these are a great addition to any salad. Plantains, not the banana relative — the weed, are a great source of iron and vitamins A and C. They are kind of like spinach, and definitely better to eat young. That is, harvest the early leaves instead of the late ones if taste is a consideration. I’ve used these in salads, on burgers, and in casseroles.

In addition to their general deliciousness, they can also be used medicinally. You can make a tea out of them to soothe internal ailments (think post-hangover dehydration and most issues involving your guts). You can also make a poultice out of them to heal minor cuts and scrapes. Their general astringent properties make them a kickass cure-all.

I think that since I’ve domesticated a dandelion plant, I’ll now work on potting one of these. Here’s an awesome article about it from Wellness Mama, if you’d like more info and ideas.

Have you ever eaten the plantain weed? How have you used it?

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