Yard Foraging: Dandelion Update

Remember last time I posted when I explained that I wanted to domesticate the dandelion plant I stole from a friend? And remember how unfortunate it looked?

Photo Apr 06, 4 37 53 PM


Yeahhhhh. Once I had it in a pot, it continued to look pretty pathetic.  Yesterday, I broke down and pruned the shit out of it and look how happy it is today:


Awesome! Those are delicious little babies just waiting for a salad.  I’m going to let them grow a bit more before I chow down, but overall I am pretty pleased with this experiment.

A note about pruning: it’s obviously important.  When your plant is spending time trying to resurrect lost causes (think wilted, bent or broken stemmed sadness), it’s best to literally cut your losses and move on.  Snip off things that look pathetic and it will help your plant focus on the things that can thrive. Once you free your plant from the things that are tying it back, your plant will flourish. Isn’t that true about life, too?

One thought on “Yard Foraging: Dandelion Update

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