Calendar Crisis

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I have a problem with buying calendars, filling out birthdays and the first month or two of information, then lapse into my mental calendar once again and forget/throw away whatever I spent $15 on a few months before. I have this problem with journals, too.  I think it’s the promise of a clean slate that attracts me, the potential in finding something blank to make completely my own. A new future to shape, you know, until I forget to use it.

Do you have this problem? What do you think makes you lapse into inactivity and disorganization?

It took forever for me to find a method that suited me. I recently settled on organizing my life using a three-ring binder, this calendar from BlueSky, some loose sheets of paper, and a folder I’ve had forever. I often write to-do lists or notes to myself at work to kill time if it is an especially non-invasive work day (read: movie day). That way, I can doodle, write down important dates, and…

That’s where I stopped the draft on February 5th, probably distracted by something else.  Two months later (has it just been two months???) I’ve lost my way regarding this method, too.  Pretty laughable, right?  Maybe I’ll try Google Calendar next.

How do you organize your life? Any suggestions? Seriously, I’m desperate.

6 thoughts on “Calendar Crisis

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  2. Hi! I found your blog because you commented on my essay at A Practical Wedding (the one about divorce… published anonymously there at the request of my ex). For what it’s worth, I’ve used this planner – — since college. I like that I can write down important appointments and events on the appropriate day on the left side, and write to-do lists, grocery lists, reminders, or info relevant to the appointments or events on the right side. Now I have a bunch of years of planners filled up, which is kind of cool to look back through to see what I was up to. I don’t try to keep it “neat” and it’s got lots of crossed-out things and arrows and doodles and so on. Part of its charm.

    When I first got a smartphone, I tried to switch to google calendars, but something about it just doesn’t work for me. Hard to see everything at once, and you can’t really “flip” through it in the same way. So, I’ll continue to carry around my little planner.

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