A Relationship With Plants


“I feel like I don’t have a good relationship with my plants anymore.”

“Oh? Well maybe you should get to know them a little better,” my mother said laconically. 

It’s true, though.

When I started my first garden on Washington Blvd., it was like everything grew with wild abandon.  I had a tomato plant during the winter. I had a whole shelf (which turned into a yard) full of sprouts beginning that February. Everything thrived. Flowers bloomed, pumpkins grew with wild abandon, all was well.

I took a break in the last two years because I moved to a new place in both Augusts, right before any kind of harvest.  I kept the plants that live throughout the year, but it was a hard transition into container gardening. There’s a small, but real difference.  I can still garden in containers, and even bring them into safety when there’s a threat of frost, but I miss having my babies in the ground.  I’ve got more container practice under my belt, so I thought that maybe it will be a better year.

I got really ambitious as a result of that thought. I had huge plans, after all.

imageAnd, as the list grew and I started mass producing sprouts, I kind of lost track of my plants. In years before, I always knew exactly what I was growing and where it was. This is way different from that.  Once I realized that, I stopped trying to sprout things.  I limited myself to one or two types of vegetable/herb/flower and started giving away extras. The unexpected outcome of this action was that I was sharing my love with others and got to know my neighbors a little better.  I also got to donate some sprouts to my mother’s garden.  It feels nicer in my little garden now.  I know what I have and what I don’t.  They seem to be growing a little better with the increased amount of love.

I’m still ready to have a huge garden, but I’ll save that for when I have the room and the time.  Right now, I’m good with what I have.

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