On Big Bridges, Defunct Prisons, and Weddings Where You Make New Friends

I recently went to San Francisco to help photograph a wedding. Well, actually, that was a month ago, but I’ve just now sat down to write about it. Don’t judge, I’ve been busy. Anyway, It was awesome. Time to recap!

Obviously, with these first pictures, I’m going to tell you that I am not the greatest person to travel with.  If I am on some sort of schedule, I get really anal about being prepared and on time. Consequently, if I think you are slacking, I’m going to mother-hen the shit out of you until I think you are at my pace.  It’s something I’ve got to work on.


This accurately depicts me and my inappropriate amount of bitchiness by the time I hit Salt Lake City. Not cool, Meg, not cool.  Thankfully my travel partner is a lot more forgiving than I am.  Once we were on the second plane, though, I was a lot more relaxed. I’m due to go to San Diego with the same person for the same reason in exactly a week, so here’s to hoping that I handle myself a little bit better this time.

When we arrived, the groom and a friend picked us up and we were off to lunch and then the Golden Gate Bridge!


It was freezing, so we were all wearing as many layers as possible. From left to right is me, Ken, Amber, Geoff, and Kurstan.  The latter two were the bride and groom, the former were new people that I met that were in the wedding (fellow Raleigh-ites!).  Oddly enough, we became immediate friends and I’ve since hung out with them several times, including a painting session in their master bedroom.

The bridge was pretty impressive. I also found some calla lilies, which I have never seen growing in real life.  I’m not going to lie, I was kind of more excited about the lilies.  Hear me out: I grew up visiting Niagara Falls at least twice a year because my grandparents lived there.  Wonders of the world were kind of a fact of life.  Aside from having a great appreciation for craftsmanship, be it man-made or natural, I just had more of a sense of wonder for the lilies.  I hope that makes sense.  I guess that’s why a third of this blog is devoted to plant life.


After dinner, I was beyond exhausted.  The time change owned little old east-coast me. I struggled to stay awake until 8:30 (11:30, wayyyyy past my normal bed time), but fell asleep pretty soundly.  So, I woke up, obviously, at about 4:30 (7:30).  Usually I can sleep later than that, but my body wasn’t having it.  I blame it on the teacher schedule.

That day, we went to Alcatraz. We spent 5 hours there.


We were only thinking we’d spend 3 hours there, travel included, but it was just too fascinating.  The tour is really cool and I highly recommend it.When we came back later that afternoon (almost missing the boat because we were taking our time with pictures), we met up with Ken and Amber to watch the seals.


These guys were either fighting or mating. I am not well versed in sealspeak, nor have I ever been a good judge of body language. But you can see beads of water flying!

After the seals, we walked around a bit.




The next two days were all bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.  I have pictures, but hey, it wasn’t my party.

All in all, San Francisco rocked. I had so much fun with all the people I met and can’t wait to visit again. I met a huge new group of friends to hang out with here in Raleigh, which is double the amount of awesome.  I’m sure I’ll have more posts about them soon.


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