Checking In

I kicked ass in the past week. Granted, I think being extremely sick from Friday up until now probably has something to do with it. You know that feeling you get when you aren’t hungry because you are swallowing so much snot?  Yeah, that. In a way, I’m kind of thankful, because in the days before my illness, I was suffering from the worst hunger pangs of ever (this is a total exaggeration, because I do realize that I am fat, spoiled, and rich compared to the rest of the world).  I did not, however, bother exercising, as I could not muster the strength to perform regular tasks.

My boyfriend and I have a theory that since I started eating right (I haven’t had chocolate in over a week), my body is going through a crazy detox, which is causing me to break out/have a sinus explosion.  It makes sense if you think that my body is working really hard to repair itself after I’ve abused it for a decade and it too busy to deal with allergens and germs. I’ll take that as my working idea. Anyway, I lost quite a bit since my doctor’s appointment, where I weighed in at 184. Frightening, considering that wasn’t very long ago and I haven’t been starving myself.

I’ll be in San Francisco for five days, starting Wednesday. I guess we will see.

Starting Weight: 185 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 179 lbs
This Weigh-in: 177 lbs

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