Brain Dump: Impatience

On the seasons: I was really disappointed last week after our little heat wave left Raleigh and my morning commute returned to it’s brisk reality.  Why can’t Spring be here already? I’ve started my seeds and they are ready for full, semi-warm sunny days. Yet, it insists on being February for a whole month! Forget that nonsense.

On the job situation: I have a knack for choosing careers that quickly advance into a downswing when I am released into the workforce after my degree/training is complete. I graduated from journalism right as the recession hit and newspapers were closing their doors forever. I already knew that teachers were underpaid, but then I proceeded to move to a state where subs are paid barely above minimum wage. And snow days are taken if there might be snow and subsequently closed for the rest of the week.  Oh, and the kids are jerks. Needless to say, the past few months have been pretty inspiring when it comes to switching careers… again. I want to go into libraries, but the written word is getting so scarce these days that it also seems like a dicey situation.  To cut this short, I’m worried about life through the summer.  Yes, I’ll probably get a retail gig, but that’s even less money than subbing.  There’s no way I will have the guarantee of sub jobs over the summer months, even if there are year-round schools nearby.  I just feel very hopeless about the whole situation.  I’ve been looking into freelance stuff that I can do on the side, but most of it requires five years of experience in order to get anything.  Maybe Craigslist will help? I’ve also been trolling.applying for everything I am mostly qualified for on the state web site, as well. I don’t know, but I have to arrange something, and soon.

On weight loss: I’ve already lost a bit of weight and I understand that it is a process that will take months and months and months… However, I wish it could go a little faster. I know that can lead to unhealthy ideas and actions, which is scary.  But why can’t I go through a magic door and shed 35 lbs? I guess that would make it less meaningful and people would just eat awfully all the time/ be generally unhealthy. Can I just look a half year into the future to see how awesome I am going to look and feel for inspiration? No? FINE.


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