A Love Affair With Cheese

On a blog that I frequently read, Carrots & Cake,  one has to reply with a favorite travel snack in order to enter a giveaway.  Here is my entry:

“Believe it or not, my favorite travel-friendly snack is colby-jack cheese.  Now I know y’all are thinking, “Wait, don’t you have to refrigerate that?” In theory, no. I usually take a block on backpacking trips and the oils that cheese secrete keep it from spoiling.  I can stretch it out for a week and it’s great to add flavor to a boring dish or just to take a bite as a treat for a rough day.  I buy the tiny, one-serving versions for car trips. Pair it with some almonds and grapes, and you’ve got a fancy little lunch/snack for long car trips.

My love affair with cheese will never die.”

This sums up my life perfectly.

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