Time Limits

In my first college English class, we were assigned to do research on a paper before a given class and were to type the paper during regular class time. Whatever we had by the end of class, we had to turn it in — finished or not. It made a huge impact on me because there was pressure to be creative, but in a very limited amount of time.

Honestly, I think this teaching method echoes real life situations ridiculously well. Most tasks anyone gets at work have shorter time limits than a week or a month, especially when whatever you do relies on customer satisfaction.

What about time management? You can bet that I was definitely not on FaceBook during that 2.5 hour class period.

We live in a world where instant gratification and work output go hand in hand. In many cases, distractions and time-wasting mean the difference between a successful or stressful day. And though we are more social than any generation that came before, we are also burdened with finding the balance between work and play.

My English 101 instructor somehow saw the future back in 2005 and knew that we would procrastinate BIG TIME. He was definitely onto something with that assignment.

What about you? Do you work better with or without time limits?

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