Everyone talks about the day they will quit Facebook, then they never quite seem to be able to do it.

I quit Facebook last night. Only one person noticed.

I was so worried that I would miss something. Instead, I had time for drawing last night.  It quieted my mind (I wasn’t having a very good night at all) and reminded me that I can be creative without outside input every 20 minutes.

So, I reactivated it this morning, but with the new knowledge that I can live without it. I don’t need to check my phone every five minutes to see what’s happening when there is a life outside of Facebook.  I’m not proud: I had to learn it the hard way by pissing off the people I love by keeping my nose in my phone.

Now I am moving FaceBook, Twitter, and FB Messenger to the second screen on my iPhone.  That way I won’t be able to see notifications so easily. And I’m not really on those sites when I’m on my computer or iPad. Those mediums won’t be a problem.

Lesson learned.

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