Efficiency and Work Space

I have four potential workspaces in my one-bedroom apartment and I only really use two of them.  It’s not exactly a small apartment, it’s 740 sq. feet. But it’s still small enough that I have trouble arranging furniture  and organizing things at times. Since I do several different projects and crafts, I need all the space I can get. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t utilize this space as best as I can. So, my goal is to have these spaces optimized in a few weeks in order to start working on projects again (and more efficiently!).

The first workspace is a desk in the corner of the dining room —


Pros: It’s an actual desk! This is where organization thrives, right? Anything I need can live here.

Cons: Currently, this serves no purpose other than looking like a prettier kind of storage. The desk is a hand-me-down (like almost all of the rest of my furniture) and consequently is made for a child. It worked awesomely for me when I was about 10, but now I can’t really sit there comfortably, due to the possession of what I’d like to call ‘lady thighs’. That, and the fact that it sits flush against the wall makes the space super claustrophobic and unwelcoming.

Potential Fixes: Honestly, though I love the desk, it may be time to give it up. Sure, it’s pretty and sentimental, but I bet one of my nephews would get some good use out of it. I have three other work spaces that accommodate lady thighs. Why not? Time to send a text to my sister, I think.

This next workspace is in the other corner of the dining room. I usually use my electric sewing machine here, as it’s got a kitchen-table-sized space —


Pros: Great for sewing, if I am going electric. Most of the things that I’ve sewn lately are reenactment costume related, and that involves some major yardage when it comes to fabric. I can also use this for eating, since it is, in fact, a kitchen table. It would also be a great place to

Cons: It’s so huge that it has to stay against the wall. It also needs better lighting. And check out the piles of things!

Potential Fixes: Buy a lamp or two for the dining room, since no light reaches it at night. Stop using it as a catch-all. Decide on a solid method of organization for sewing related things and other impedimenta (magazines, mail, upcoming projects, etc.).

This space juts out and separates the kitchen from the dining room.  It’s where I do most of my herb-work (harvesting, drying prep, crushing)–


Pros: A nice, clear space in the kitchen that is easy to clean.

Cons: It is just inside the front door, so it catches every single things that I drop when I come inside. That’s not such a great way to start a project, since I have to start cleaning before I get to do anything else. There is a lot of clutter here.

Potential Fixes: Stop just dropping things there and help things find their way home. That purple tray behind the speaker is where that stuff should go if it is urgent. Maybe I should buy one of those organizers for mail and stuff that hangs beside the front door. As I look at that picture, I’m realizing that everything there has a current home and I am just lazy. Gotta work on that.

This last space is the one that I utilize the most/best —Image

Pros: This is my favorite spot to work. This is an antique sewing machine that was a birthday/Christmas present from my boyfriend.  I love it.  Perfect light, clean, lots of space. I write this blog here, in fact. Something about the position and light make it optimal for me and concentrating.

Cons: This is a sewing machine, first and foremost. I am not using it in that fashion because it still needs a belt.  That has to change, and soon.

Potential Fixes: Buy a belt for this. Realize that this is a temporary work space, so don’t leave the computer there all the time, as the heat may damage the wood.

I’ll keep you guys updated on methods and tools that I use to organize my life in the upcoming weeks.  Wish me luck!

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