Current and Future Job Status

I am a substitute teacher.  While it pays some of the bills, it’s not anything that will sustain me for the rest of my days (or even next year).  Substitutes are by all means and definitions ‘temporary’. Even if you have a teaching certification and a Master’s degree, you are paid barely above minimum wage. Meanwhile in West Virginia, it was $50 more per day.  What’s up with that, North Carolina?

I can’t continue to be a substitute. I simply need more money than that in my current situation. I have credit card bills and loans to consider. My logical progression, at this point, seems to lead to becoming a social studies teacher.  Well, after spending a few months in this school system, I can proudly say that I think that would be a bad decision for me. I don’t wake up well at 5:30 in the morning, I can’t drink coffee because my birth control pill made me develop a caffeine sensitivity (more on that later), and I just don’t work well with the combination of parents and government breathing down my neck. I feel like no matter what I do, it will never be enough and many teachers have confirmed that theory for me.  Most importantly, I don’t have much patience for teens that think this is a waste of their time. That feeling is almost epidemic here.  It wasn’t so bad in WV, but they are about 15-20 years behind everyone else. Sure, some kids want to learn, but their futile cries can barely be heard above the roaring sound of apathy in our schools. That, and I’m tired of being called a bitch every day.

I have a few ideas on where to go from here.  I’d like to work in a library setting, preferably in archives.  My current plan is to take the certification test for librarians in public schools so I can have a shot at a permanent position in the fall.  This is a short-term goal, as I’d really prefer not to have the sole duty of signing hall passes for the rest of my life.  Whether or not that works out, I’d like to start East Carolina’s online MLS (Master’s in Library Science) with a focus in archives.  There are weekly posts on the state website for positions that require this degree. My long-term goal is to get one of these jobs.

And what the hell am I doing over the summer? Hoping that there are sub jobs and probably getting another retail gig.  Ugh. Maybe I’ll change it up and not go for book retail, for once. I love books, but I’ve exhausted my options in Raleigh.

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