Books: Why I Haven’t Read One Since May

I haven’t read a book in eight months.  if you know me at all, you’ll realize this is an utterly insane admission.  I’ve spent five years of my employable life slaving in various new and used book stores.  When Borders closed, I lamented the loss of one of the best jobs I’d ever had.  I’ve kept the workers there as close friends, even though I am 370 miles away from them. I have shelves upon shelves of books and when I moved, they were the heaviest and most numerous thing that I owned. Why in hell have I not read one in eight months?!

Outlander. That’s why.

A few days after I announced to my husband that I wanted a divorce, I found I couldn’t do anything without an onrush of thoughts cascading into my head.  I couldn’t just be without thinking about everything — repercussions, next steps, a future I had been living on rewritten so quickly… you get it.  This meant I couldn’t read without having to restart paragraphs continuously.  I’m used to getting through books in a matter of a few days, so this slow, interrupted pace was just too much to handle.

So, I signed up for Audible.  I’d heard of Outlander before and I wanted to get unstuck from my post-apocalyptic rut, so I downloaded the first book in the series and was immediately hooked.  The narrator, Davina Porter, is simply amazing.  She can voice hundreds of characters with such immense skill  you forget there is only one person reading.  Such talent! And Diana Gabaldon’s writing is so intricate and thoughtful — she forms an interwoven world of relationships and intrigue that keeps you listening through 900+ pages of each book.  The series is so amazing.  I’ve listened to all seven books over and over, even after I found I could read again without all of the nagging thoughts distracting me.

I’ll read again, soon.  I have plenty of books waiting for me, since I worked for a used book store that paid partly in store credit and I have a huge pile of unread beauties. You know, until summer when the eighth book in the Outlander series comes out, along with the television debut. 😉

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