The First Real Freelance Vacation 


As you all know, since I’ve started freelancing I have been pretty horrible at work/life boundaries. Then I took a trip to the UK for two weeks. After a series of events back in the US, I finally managed to disconnect for this trip. Hooray!

With all of that said, I will be backdating daily posts from the trip and posting reviews on all of the services (Europcar, Airbnb, etc.) we used. I’ll add links below as I get through them. It’s quite a bit.🙂

August 14-15: Raleigh > New York (JFK) > London
August 15: London, Day 1
August 16: London, Day 2
August 17: London > Box
August 18: Box > Bracknell > Box
August 19: Box > London
August 20: London > Newcastle upon Tyne
August 21: Newcastle upon Tyne >Stewarton
August 22: Stewarton > Evanton
August 23: Evanton > Penicuik & Edinburgh
August 24: Penicuik > Fort William > Penicuik
August 25: Penicuik > Rothley
August 26: Rothley > London
August 27: London
August 28-29: London > Paris (CDG) > Raleigh

Want some quick fun facts about our trip? Here you go:

  • We drove over 2500 miles
  • We walked 125 miles
  • We visited three countries (England, Scotland, France – airport kinda counts)
  • We got two parking tickets
  • We flattened three tires
  • We saw a hedgehog in the wild
  • I touched standing stones and did not get sucked into the past
  • We met a ton of really great families through Airbnb
  • We visited good friends from Borders
  • We learned the proper way to sleep in airports
  • We learned not to sleep in airports
  • I learned a tiny bit of French
  • We took around 300 GB of photos and video
  • I honed my road laundry skills
  • We smelled kinda bad anyway
  • We stayed in homes older than the US
  • We walked in 1000+ year-old cathedrals
  • I got sick, because that’s what I do when we travel
  • We packed two weeks of clothing and camera equipment into two small carry-ons
  • We packed six months of adventure into two weeks

Stay tuned! I’ve got some interesting plans for changes to the web site soon —

~ Meg

Itinerary: LOST

In honor of our upcoming trip across the sea, I’m posting this itinerary we used traveling through Oahu finding filming locations from the TV show LOST. Once I get our England/Scotland itinerary down, I’ll post it here, as well. It will be prettier, since I’ve learned a few things in the past two years.

This itinerary was adapted from the original, which you can find here. You can also trick my friend Steve into sharing his, because it was planned out a little better AND LAMINATED. Steve means business.

Also, a note with this itinerary: The original from this web site was not made for people who like to linger and take pictures. It was for people going as fast as they possibly can to squeeze all the filming locations into a three day span. Mike and I took just over a week to get almost everything. Even then, there were other activities happening (LOST 2014!), too. If you want to spend the time or have other activities, plan ahead. I suggest planning huge, important locations (the crash beach, the camp)  to take up a large chunk of your time, then realize that you can’t linger at private residences. In other words, plan with more foresight than I had.

With all of that said, note that this itinerary isn’t grouped by day. It’s grouped by geography. Use your time wisely.


Also, consider going to LOSTCon in 2017! Registration is open now!

~ Meg