Catching Up

Hey, everyone. I figured I’d do a catch up (ketchup?) post to keep everyone updated. Here’s what’s been going on lately: 

  • Assume you’ve got 1000 photos on your phone and the threat of hard reset looms, then you only save 150 of them? You need to reevaluate your photo game…. That wasn’t me! Promise! Really!!! *backs slowly away*
  • The same hard reset gave me the chance to pare down the amount of space/apps I was abusing. Which was too much.
  • We’ve officially hit the only part of the year when I hate living in the South. Thankfully, we will be heading to London for the last half of August, which is the absolute hottest part of the year here. Hello, mid-70’s average.
  • Holy shit, we’re going overseas. In less than three weeks. Eek!
  • I got a bunch of sweet gear in the past few weeks: a new lens, a solar charger for my phone, a remote trigger for my flash, a smaller camera bag… all to prepare for this trip. Thanks to Mike. 💜
  • Work is less crazy, only because I’m more organized and more assertive about how I’ve been spending my time. Oh, and I spent a week recovering from whatever virus/illness overcame me. Last week was rough, y’all.
  • I’m writing this from my local tire purveyor. I got a new tire last week, then ran over a nail with said tire, THEN found out while getting an alignment that my rotors sucked. The magic of my job is that I can work from my phone. Hooray!
  • I feel like one of those workaholic jerks that only talks about their job, so I’m going to try to stop that. 💜
  • Running has kind of taken a backseat, lately. That happens. I’m working on it. The heat index (107) makes it a bit harder.
    • I’ve been dreaming up ideas for a new 17th century dress. Simplicity came out with an Outlander specific pattern that I’ve been lusting after. I just need to bite the bullet and make the corset.
    • Speaking of Outlander, my friend Kelley is spearheading a new site called I’m lucky that she asked me to help her with it. Check it out!

    What are you into lately? Travel? Work? How do you escape summer heat? Let me know you’re still reading in the comments!


    The Importance of Self-Care


    Otherwise Titled: How to Tell You’ve Overbooked Yourself

    I feel like there’s a trend in my blogs over the years. I look back over the archives of past blogs (SingsTheMagpie, Awaiting August, et. al.) and see all the big exams, papers, work deadlines I endured, only to see one real commonality.

    Whenever I get stressed out or have too much on my plate, I literally make myself sick.

    In the past few days, I’ve been doing back-to-back portrait sessions, along with my regular 40-hour weekly schedule. Oh, and my parents were here this weekend. That last part was fun, because my parents are awesome. However, with everything crammed into a tiny span of time, it’s gotten me sick.

    I should have noticed the signs with my eye-strain induced almost-infection. Or the quality of “sleep” I’ve been getting. But today I’ve got the sore throat, exhaustion and snots to prove that I need to slow my roll.

    As soon as I can, I’m slowing this mess down. What are you doing to take care of yourself this week?

    ~ Meg