DIY: Herbal Bath Tea Bag

So let’s talk about this fever I’ve had before I get to all the DIY-based majesty of this post.

I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday trying to decide if I was hot or cold and trying to battle an insane fever with Gilmore Girl marathoning.  I thought I was better Tuesday night, but as soon as I started into my routine on Wednesday the stupid fever came back.  Yuck.  At least I felt good enough Tuesday night to clean up everything I’d dropped out of weakness and lack of care. It’s Wednesday night and I just don’t think I’ll have the gumption until tomorrow.

On Tuesday afternoon, I got the idea to give myself an herbal bath.  I’d seen a lot of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest touting the magic of herbal baths making people in my condition (fevered whiners) feel better.

Pictures like this served as my inspiration:

Photo Jul 29, 1 07 12 PM

These people are complete liars.  Or they rent and don’t care how much Drano they use.

The bath was divine (lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary). I literally made myself a tea:

Photo Jul 28, 1 22 44 PM

I began to consider the cleanup halfway through my lovely, steamy tea bath.  And the possibility of a very, very clogged drain. Oops. Way to kill the vibe:

Photo Jul 29, 12 48 00 PMI released plug in the tub Tuesday night just enough to stop the leaves from clogging the world while allowing the water to slowwwly drain.  I seriously blame the fever for this lapse in judgement.  Once everything dried, I vacuumed it up Wednesday morning. Whew.

So, now to the DIY.

How to Make an Herbal Bath Tea Bag:

Photo Jul 29, 8 25 10 PM

1. Cut out a 6×12 piece of muslin or tea towel.  Anything with a loose-ish knit to allow easy flow of water.

2. Baste the edges to keep it from unraveling. You don’t want extra threads in your bath drain. Totally defeats the purpose of this DIY.

3. Fold it in half and stitch together. Make sure to leave one side open for the drawstrings.

Photo Jul 29, 8 27 00 PM4. Baste with embroidery thread or ribbon for the drawstring.  Really, don’t get too fancy — use any scraps you’ve got.  This is going to get stained in the bath tub, so don’t get too invested.

5. The finished product!  Congrats, you made a giant tea bag for your bathtub.  The maintenance men will love your efforts.

6. Here’s what it looks like stuffed with herbs.  Dip it into your steamy bath, steep for 5-10 minutes and then enjoy!

Protip: I think this goes without saying, but make sure to dump the herbs somewhere appropriate (compost heap if you’re a total pro) and lay your tea bag out in the sun to dry and disinfect.

Have you ever had an herbal bath?  What are your favorite herbal combinations?