Hurricane Chic


I keep hearing mixed reports as to whether we are going to be hit by a hurricane this weekend or not. But it’s still pushing moisture up into the Carolinas — enough to pour “historic” amounts of rain on us. So even if we don’t get a direct hit, it still feels like it.  Super windy, super wet — I haven’t seen the sun since the equinox. Oh, and we got this nifty disclaimer on our door this morning.

2015-10-02 15.26.11

At the bottom it mentions, “Oh, by the way, you should have renter’s insurance and we are so not responsible for your damages, bro.”


So, how’s a girl supposed to dress for hurricane weather in October? LAYER ALL THE THINGS. Here’s my cheap, adventure version of an outfit post for hurricane weather:


  1. Pacific Trail rain jacket that I’ve had since I was 14. As you can tell in the first picture, it’s way too big for me. It was too big for me 15 years ago, too, but it was to accommodate at least ten layers. Worth it. I’ve only re-waterproofed it once and it’s still amazing.
  2. Base layer, tank top.
  3. Second layer, long sleeves. Try your best to avoid cotton. You’ll stay drier and warmer that way.
  4. Third layer, obligatory flannel. Can be switched with fleece pullover or wool sweater if it’s under 60 degrees and you have grandma blood like I do.
  5. Smartwool socks. Because wool is your friend. Feel free to wear a second pair of socks underneath (see: grandma blood above).
  6. Jeans. Because that’s all I wear. Ever. Make sure they are a mid-rise jean, so people make fun of your mom jeans and you have the extra fabric to cover the pooch that won’t go away because you’re now over 25 and that crap just stays there. Oh, and you’ll stop showing your crack to innocent bystanders. If the rain is sideways, opt for something not-so-cotton, possibly waterproof. Columbia sells great options.
  7. Rain boots from Wal-Mart that are cheap and really made to muck out stables. Definitely not going to let water inside. Hunter-brand can go hang, I only spent $20.

Note: Everything pictured was around $20 or less, leaning more to the median range of $10. The exception is the rain jacket. I have no idea what that was because I was 14 and had no concept of money yet.

Since I’ll be running a 5k tomorrow, I’ll be switching into my least favorite running clothes and old shoes (it’s the Color Run) and adding a large, black trash bag to complete the look. Because we all know that black goes with literally anything.

Do you think the hurricane will hit the east coast or just peter out in the Atlantic? Did you think this post was a serious fashion post? Because I’m probably the least fashionable person on the planet. Let me know in the comments!

~ Meg



It seems like once the equinox happened, North Carolina decided to shift immediately into fall. We are on the third day of rain and there are no dry days in the forecast until next Friday. I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon. Until then, I’ll still be out walking/running/enjoying myself in it. This weather always helps me buckle down to work a little harder, too, which will be helpful.

I love this cozy time of year. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

~ Meg