Oops. (Weekly Recap 7)


Let’s see. I last wrote here two weeks ago. I’ll do a quick recap because there’s a lot that happened since then:

  • We got a cat. Her name is Gypsy and she is fantastic. My Instagram is officially flooded with cute pictures.
  • Mike and I were both very ill at different times. He is just now sick and I was sick more so last week.
  • I got swamped with work and ended up developing several websites/juggling social media clients. Glad to say I am on the downswing and that this coming week will be more chilled out. I re-learned the magic of letting my mornings be my own. On Wednesday of last week, I took a morning off just to read and chill out. It made all the difference.
  • I did not run at all (planning on it today). I barely yoga’d. I had no time for naps. Work, sleep, work, sleep. Next week I will actively try to be less lame.
  • I co-shot my first show at DPAC — a Star Trek anniversary orchestra. It was so good that we stayed to watch it all.

I’ll be back sooner than the span of the last post — promise. <3

~ Meg

A Winter Adventure

It snowed so we had to brave the cold to take some pictures. It very rarely snows here and accumulates even more infrequently. When it happens, we take full advantage of it.

In fact, this is only the illusion of a few inches of snow. In all reality, it’s a thick layer of ice with a dusting of snow on top. Still good for pictures.

This post will be primarily pictures since I’m still sick and would rather be laying down. Yes, I know I went out in the snow anyway. Priorities. Hopefully by next post I won’t be so ill.

Without further ado:


I like landscapes. The more stumps, the better.


Some of the flora we encountered.


We met some new friends. I love that fat squirrel.

Study in Squirrel

I usually really REALLY hate squirrels. But something about this one won me over completely. I’m now okay with them. I even threw some peanuts on the porch for them. This particular squirrel is named Lily. I know her from the little notch on her right ear (top left photo).