DIY: T-Shirt Quilt

Have a bunch of t-shirts that you can’t wear anymore?  Making a quilt out of them is the perfect way to hoard them without looking like a maniac to your friends and loved ones!  Here are the steps I took in making mine:


1. The first thing you have to do cut out your pieces. This might take a bit of emotional detachment, but know that you’re going to make something marvelous in the end.  Keep layout in mind.  When I cut mine, I didn’t take any heed to that and I immediately regretted it. If you want to have a clean look, keep a square or rectangular pattern when you cut out your t-shirts.  Personally, I’m okay with the chaos that happened here (see last picture).  I enjoy assaulting myself and others with sensory overload, so this randomness worked for me.  If that works for you, cut your pieces however you feel, as long as you leave enough room to fold the corners into your pattern to keep them from unraveling.


2. Once you’ve got all (or at least most) of your pieces cut out, pin them together.  This is my least favorite step.  I never pin when I sew, because I am super unprofessional and hate including steps I *think* I don’t need.  Here’s the thing: You do actually need this step.  Not only does this stabilize your work for eventual sewing, it also keeps you from screwing up your pattern.  You don’t want to have too many pieces of one color in the same place or have pieces that clash living in together.  When you have everything pinned, this helps you take a step back to see what your finished product can look like.  Hence, pinning is super important.  Maybe I’ll try it more often.  Ugh.


3. Then you baste the pieces together.  Basting is ridiculously loose stitching.  That way you can take out the pins, maintain the folds and format, and still be able to sew it without bleeding to death.


4. Finally, you can use your actual sewing machine (or your hands if you are nuts) to make the final, tight stitching connecting all of the pieces.  This will be the top of your quilt.

When we pick this back up, I’ll give you the details on all of the layers and magic that go into a finished quilt. I only did the pinning today, maybe the basting tomorrow.  I definitely will not finish this any time soon, since I still have more shirts to add. Honestly, I chose to spend my Sunday watching tv/gaming with Mike, rather than shut in my room crafting the whole time.  It’s a choice I encourage for all of you.  Interaction is magnificent!


I’m Not Here

Hey, so remember when I was trying to make it as a freelancer?  Yeah, that’s why I’ve not been updating much.  I bid on a giant, lengthy contract, won it, and am now spending anywhere from 6-8 hours of my day typing away.  Sorry I’ve been absent — I’ll be posting more as I get settled into work.

For fun, here’s what my desk and bed have been looking like on a regular basis. I obviously don’t have time to clean anything now. Ha!


What have you been into lately?  What have I missed in blogworld?